Sharing Art: Pinterest

Published April 26, 2012 by paigecarl

It’s started to take the web by storm: Pinterest. The newest in ways to gain internet popularity. The website is full of interesting artistic things, from DIY projects shared over the interwebs, to my own boards that center around internet design. I have been floored by the intelligence, by the art portrayed in this magical site.

However, it seems to also provide a sort of… conformity and an understanding of what people desire. The understanding is being pushed under the rug- two pins that I’ve pinned have come from memebase, and were just funny, not artistic in the way the others were, but they were light. And humorous. Those gained more popularity than the beautiful dresses I’ve pinned and the beautiful make up or the delicious looking foods and the cute puppies. And that led me to think: How much art can people really take on the internet?

Sure there are people who love art, I love art- videos, music, paintings, sculptures, designs- but there is also a truth to the idea that people also love to laugh. They enjoy wit. They enjoy that humor. And I think that with the internet around, it’s become more socially acceptable to admit to liking just simple, straight-forward jokes and punchlines. is lovely, and has a lovely design and an easy-to-use interface. It hasn’t been infected with trolls and it allows for everyone’s interpretation of what is beautiful or what is useful. And it’s interesting to observe just how people balance out their lives and interests.


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