Cinematic Art and Video Games

Published April 23, 2012 by paigecarl

So recently I got a job working for the video game website writing articles about, well, video games. I don’t know much about video games to start off with, but as I began to learn more I became more and more fascinated with what I’ve seen.

Video games nowadays are amazing. I recently wrote articles about two games: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Theater-Rhythm) and Prey 2. I was fascinated as I watched the trailers for both of them. The amount of attention to artistic detail in both of them was fascinating. In Prey 2, the designers talked about how they wanted to use as much cinematic skill as they could to make the video game that much more amazing. In the Final Fantasy games, the creators worked hard at mixing this genre of game with story and music.

It’s truly fantastic and amazing- art is being intertwined with video games. Honestly, I think it’s beautiful.

Here are the trailers:


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