Humor, Fandoms, and Classic games

Published April 20, 2012 by paigecarl

Okay. So it’s not a mystery to people who know me that I have an unhealthy obsession with video game parodies. I was watching some earlier by the website DorklyBits and I began to think. Is this art? Does this classify as art? Sure there’s technology involved. I’m trying to think of the way they would do the animations as they do. Of course, my first guess is flash which is a very strong possibility. But that’s not what’s ultimately important in this. The importance comes in what makes up a great parody and I believe they definitely have played with this enough to come up with an answer.

In order for the parody to be great, it has to meet the expectations of the fandoms as well as be able to be understood by those not in the fandom. One of my favorites, for example- which is linked in this post- is about a Sim City monster telling off the player for building a bad city. The way the script is written makes it short and to the point. Of course, the acting is great too and not flat and the voice fluctuates as necessary.

In fact, fan made parodies could arguably require the most artistic talent to be good. The acting has to be understandable, the script has to be funny, and with the technology required the animation has to be fairly decent. Not necessarily as good as the original game or item, of course, but it should be recognizable.

So in short, yes. Yes I do think parodies can be counted as art.

Here is the parody I was talking about:


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