What is art and what is technology?

Published April 13, 2012 by paigecarl

So earlier this month at my school there was an art exhibit. At this exhibit was a framed picture of a Facebook conversation. Yeah. A Facebook conversation framed as art.

I’m honestly not sure how I felt about it. Sure, there was a large photograph on top, below were three pictures: one was a diagram of a daisy, in the middle was the Facebook conversation, and the last was another diagram of the daisy. The picture itself of the Facebook conversation (out of respect for the creator, I wont be posting it) involved a group called “Backyard Revolution” posting a recipe for 200 year-old dandelion wine. There was a self-deprecating reply in need of clarification and the clarification was given, the last post being a promise to give the recipe a try.

I’m very unsure about how I feel about this. Is it art? And by that, what is art in this new age? I’ve seen tons of Facebook conversations, good and bad, posted on the internet. Does that make them all art-gallery worthy art? What makes this different? Is it the juxtaposition the art had with the surroundings artistry of nature? Is the mix of nature and technology that fascinating and that odd that a Facebook conversation framed is suddenly art?

What do you think? Is this truly an art or is it merely a dime-a-dozen Facebook conversation?


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