PAC-MAN The Movie- Use All the Arts!

Published April 7, 2012 by paigecarl

Okay. So as someone who is largely interested in film, I was skeptical when I started to watch the fan-made film of Pac-Man. I mean, really. Where are you going to go with that? What story lies beneath it? It’s an interesting game, yes. It’s very fun, yes. But really, it’s Pac-Man.

However, I then watched it. And it blew my mind. I was so amazed. And then I wondered- what was it that made this as great as it was? Then I realized: It’s how all these different forms of art have gathered together to create one kick-butt trailer. The script was fascinating, how it incorporated multiple aspects of what we know to be Pac-Man’s traits. Like his love for cherries. The acting was very well done as well. And then we get into the digital effects which made me pause all my work and just stare.

The CGI, realistic and amazing, created this whole world full of heart-pounding adventure in very little time. The most fascinating part out of all of this, is it wouldn’t be at all possible without computers or programming pretty much every step of the way. From the original 80s game of Pac-Man being animated (probably with very simple if-statements, some loops, a timer, and some response commands) to this video with digital surroundings being created and rendered- this is truly an art that requires taking from every form of art out there.

Enjoy this amazing video, and visit the website:


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